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Miker thanks for the corrections, as you must have noticed, I don't speak Polish whatsoever. :) www.winged2000.cz does it for me. ;-)

--Pepax 23:43, 27 kwi 2006 (CEST)

If so, I wouldn't rely on the "www.winged2000.cz" too much. And besides, it is true that it is easy to delete something, so you shouldn't add stuff that must be deleted due to the editorial guidelines having not been obeyed. Any article you add should be properly categorized (a list of the categories is here), the article should contain at least two grammatically correct and informative clauses about the matter, and the article should be written in Polish. Moreover, this should be an acceptable form of proper, litterary language. Minor flaws (like misspellings) will be of course corrected by someone sooner or later. More information here. KMK 10:05, 28 kwi 2006 (CEST)

If you are trying to indicate that my effort to add information to this page is not appreciated, say it straight without moralizing. I certainly did not intend to deliberately break any rules. It is most certainly better to help the newcomer, moreover a foreigner, willing to contribute something, rather than discourage him right from the start. Don't you think so? Anyway, thanks for the few non-ironic suggestions. --Pepax 10:46, 28 kwi 2006 (CEST)

As a newcomer, you should have read the editorial guidelines before adding anything (the link is on the main page). This applies to everyone here, no exceptions. As a foreigner, you can count on some tolerance and help regarding the quality of the language you use, if it doesn't mean a total rewrite of the stuff you added. If you think that your command of Polish language is not sufficient, you should rather submit an English text to one of regular editors (most of them know English very well) and ask for help in contributing it to the Atariki, rather than putting an English text directly to the database. I hope that - after rethinking it - you understand that such policy helps us to keep the Atariki at a level of quality and consistency good enough. KMK 12:20, 28 kwi 2006 (CEST)

Please note that expressions like "Gra przez Schmutzpuppe'a" or "implementacja ISA dla komputerów Atari XL/XE przez Rolanda Buehlera" are not grammatically correct. You always have to add a participle, e.g. "Gra napisana (written) przez Schmutzpuppe'a" or "implementacja ISA dla komputerów Atari XL/XE zaprojektowana (designed) przez Rolanda B.". In English it is enough to write "by" alone and drop the participle. In Polish this is hardly acceptable. I do not correct these now, because I don't know if the game was really written by Schmutzpuppe or patched only, for instance. KMK 23:43, 26 lip 2006 (CEST)

Thanks for help. I hope the usefulness of my humble additions still prevail over the bad influence of my horrible grammatical mistakes on this Wiki's readers. :) One always learns. --Pepax 06:24, 27 lip 2006 (CEST)

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